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Cialis: what is it and which are the benefits and side effects? can it be used at any age without issues?

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Cialis In Australia

Cialis is one of many drugs that is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Cialis works in a way to aid in relaxing the blood vessels in and surrounding the penis. This relaxation of the blood vessels allows for an ample supply of blood to be provided to the penis to encourage the ability of an erection. This drug should be taken at a minimum of 30 minutes prior to engaging in sexual activity, this may be difficult is the sexual encounter is not planned. Unlike most erectile dysfunction drugs, Cialis is effective for up to 36 hours after taking the drug. The 36-hour time frame is the ability to obtain an erection with ease during the time rather than having a continuous erection. Due to its long effective period of time, people consider Cialis the weekend drug. If men are using Cialis on a frequent basis, he may decide to use smaller doses on a daily basis in order to experience longer effectiveness of the drug. Even through Cialis is effective for a long period of time, there will not be an automatic occurrence of an erection when taking the drug. Sexual stimulation is required whenever an erection is desired. Erectile dysfunction will not be cured from taking Cialis. Cialis is not an aid to increase the sexual desire of a man, a method of birth control nor will it protect from the transmission of a sexually transmitted disease from one person to another.

Cialis is effective by only taking one tablet.

Taking more than one tablet within a 24-hour period is not recommended and will not cause the drug to be more effective, become effective quicker or last longer than 36 hours. Consistent with most drugs, Cialis has common side effects that may occur while taking the drug. The most common complaints of side effects include back pain, muscle aches, stuffy nose and headaches. These side effects last for a very short time. Usually they are only experienced for a few hours at most. On rare occasions, Cialis has caused painful erections to occur or erections that will last longer than normal. If this occurs for a period extending beyond 4 hours, men should seek immediate medical attention, as prolonged erections may cause serious damage.

Men considering using Cialis should discuss with a medical professional regarding their ability to use the drug.

Even though men should seek medical advice before taking Cialis, Australia has provided a way for men to obtain the drug without guidance from a health care provider through online pharmacies. Online pharmacies allow for men to purchase Cialis online without the requirement of a prescription. The downside of purchasing drugs online is knowing whether the drugs are legitimate or not. Counterfeit drugs are surrounding the online pharmacy industry. Men should do the research to ensure that they are purchasing drugs from a reputable source. Men are usually willing to take on the risk of purchasing Cialis online because its provides privacy, flexibility and ease in obtaining the drug.

The drug is shipped to wherever the purchaser desires and is offered at a conveniently low cost.