Does Viagara actually work? A closer look into the miracle drug

Does Viagara actually work? A closer look into the miracle drug

No man likes to acknowledge that they have a problem with their ‘virility.’ Whether a man is twenty or ninety, the fact that they are not able to perform sexually ‘on demand’ is demoralising for them. For a very long time men who were sufferers of erectile problems kept quiet and felt quietly shamed, whilst their partners felt that there was nothing that could be done to help. Both men and women felt resigned to the fact that the sexual part of their relationship was over. Some couples can live with this, but for many it is a great, if largely silent, issue. Impotence is not a subject that people feel comfortable discussing with their friends or family, and many impotent men may feel that they can’t even safely confide in their partner and so may make excuses to avoid intercourse.

These days, happily, there are solutions available, and a multitude of them at that. Some are more ‘primitive’ than others; at its most basic treatments for men who are unable to achieve or sustain erections may amount to little more than a suction/pump type device that attempts to achieve the desired result ‘with decidedly mixed results. This tends to prove unsatisfactory for both partners

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Happily, for some time now there has been actually effective treatment available.

Viagra is one of the best known and most effective of these treatments. It is licensed around the world as a treatment for impotence and has provided much needed relief for many men who had hitherto felt no longer ‘masculine’ (Viagra is also known to have an extremely beneficial effect on female sexual satisfaction!).

Viagra comes in tablet form and is instantly recognisable the world over as a small blue capsule.

It is suitable for men of any age; indeed there have been reports of men as old as ninety using this product and revitalising a sex life that they had thought had long ago gone. The tablets are easily to swallow and take at most forty five minutes to take effect. Younger men also can and should be assured that they are not sexually deficient and that they are just as well able to satisfy their partners as ever they were.

It is important, when using Viagra, to remember that the man needs to become aroused rather than just take a tablet – this is a physical process which impacts on the function of the penis as opposed to an aphrodisiac.

It is also highly recommended that the woman be aroused also! Once both of these condition are in place the man should have no problems at all in achieving erections, having intercourse and managing to ejaculate. After this has taken place the effects of the drug will quickly wear off, leaving no side effects.

Obviously it is hard ‘no pun intended ‘for couples to talk about a deterioration in their sex lives as a result of male impotence.

The availability and ease of use of Viagra should go a long way towards making this a much easier subject for couples to discuss. One of the main problems, of course, will be that it is not easy for men to discuss this subject with their GP ‘even though their male GP might well be experiencing the same problem themselves and be feeling equally abashed! But being able to ask for a medication by name as opposed to simply dithering and eventually being unable to report what the problem actually is should be a bonus. Viagra has a well established enough reputation, in 2019, that no-one should feel ashamed or embarrassed to have to ask for a prescription. This small tablet may truly revolutionise your life and certainly please your partner also.

We are lucky enough to live in a world where drugs such as Viagra exist and can help people who would otherwise feel hopeless and as though their physical relationship was at an end.

All that it takes now is for people, especially men, to overcome their shyness and reluctance when it comes to admitting that they have a problem in this area and to actually seek out the drugs that will help them. Whilst it might be a difficult thing to do at first and may involve overcoming some pride, it is guaranteed that they will be grateful for the results of a Viagra prescription. What price to put on a relationship?

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Joshua ParkerPosted on7:15 pm - Jun 29, 2019

I took my first dose of Viagra 10 years ago and since that time I’ve been using this drug. By time I’ve change my doses depending on how much time I need with my partner in bed.

Jude GlennPosted on10:34 pm - Jun 29, 2019

as someone who suffers from erectile dysfunction, Viagra has really helped me enjoy what I couldn’t before taking it”

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